Crimbo Dreadsylvania Adventuring

From: OzoneB

As we go through Crimbo and into the new year, a lot of players are not ascending and people like to do clan dungeons. With that in mind, lets make an effort to get Dread Hard Mode loot while we have many players who are able to do it.

If you have the ability and trigger items to do some boss killing, please use the !signup tool and sign up for any bosses that you can take so when the time comes we know who ask. There can be many signups for each boss, so still do the signup even if someone else has already done it.


Nani GriMo Returns!

From: Nanimonai3 (#1581108)

If you are interested in getting a craftable depleted grimacite item, for the time being Nanimonai3 is providing a free service to make these available to clannies.

You will need to send a request to Nanimonai3 by kmail. Donations are welcome to help keep the program free. Only one item can be created per day so please be patient, if you haven’t gotten it in a week, a polite kmail/note in chat wondering when it might be expected is ok.

As always, there is a Forum Post with further details

Happy Claniversary!

From: penny

Our clan was originally founded in December of 2008. I pressed the button and we always had a bit of trouble remembering exactly what date but we know it was in December. I am personally totally amazed that here it is 7 years later! It’s a testimony to all the past and present clan leadership.

This Forum Post
talks about our original clan history and founding if you are interested.

Achievement Unlocked: Coat Obtained!

From: apenny

Thanks to everyone for our very successful coat run today. There are still some slots available for next week’s stick run. Remember that those participating in the dungeon are eligible for loot (there is more for stick runs) if it is not needed by the recipient. With three side areas done there is often great loot available! Also, some additional runs were added at the end for those looking to become recipients or fulfill their commitment.

Clan Loaner Program

Date: Tuesday, November 10, 06:26PM
From: apenny

Hi all –

I wanted to mention the Loaner program run out of the side clan Tautology. This has been around for a long time but I know everyone is not aware of it. There is a post on the forums
as well as a new spreadsheet.

Feedback to apenny is encouraged. Ask in chat if you are interested in borrowing something.

Your welcome wagon needs you!

Date: Monday, November 09, 06:49AM
From: Dessalvara

Hi folks.

Is there anyone around who knows how to write mafia .ash scripts?

Your welcome wagon needs you!

Basically, NDY Says hello has been running the same script for years now – we do feel it needs a bit of updating, but I’m not too familiar with the process and I don’t want to muck it up.